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When God wants you Blessed!

Posted by EstablishedInHim on April 29, 2010 at 10:51 PM

The Lord told me to read 2nd Kings 8 about two-three weeks ago, well I had just remembered last Wednesday.... I  read and wept that the Lord is and will do it! I was soooo overwhelmed at the time, all I could do is cry and celebrate; my husband came and said "what's the matter ?" and all I could do was hand him the Word and told him the verses... Well he didn't quite get it but, I was still in the mode of a supernatural praise I still could not get it out for a moment, I was still blessing the Lord. After my few moments of praise and a continual consumption of the what the Lord was ministering to me I was able to share what God was about to do! He took it real slow or not at all; I don't know what was his intake but GOD IS RESTORING ALL!

You will notice that the Prophet came back to tell the Shunamite woman about the judgement that was about to come; but in the mean time God was up to something for her own good and to show that He Is God! The Prophet Elisha gave her a direction because God wanted to keep His Remnant safe and to Bless her if she was obedient... Well, sure enough she was and because of her OBEDIENCE TO THE MAN OF GOD, she completed her 7 year test! 7 meaning complete: She returned to her home and all of her belongings she left were gone; what a devastation it is when we do as we're told and now we have to plead a cause to someone to get our things back. After she told the king what happened, he assigned an officer to her to make sure she gets the fruit of her field from the time she left until now! What a revealation did I recieve! I started just thinking of people, places and things; IT'S RESTORATION TIME!!!! :lol:

Praise God for doing it in advance, think about what was left behind and Praise God some more!!!!

Much Love...


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My soul (mind) agrees with the Spirit of God - it is restoration time!

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