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The Sound of Rain, the Sound of Thunder, Thundering Horses Hooves

Posted by gailmanizak on May 15, 2011 at 10:39 PM

The Sound of Rain, the Sound of Thunder, Thundering Horses Hooves

I was hearing the sound of rain as I prayed today, and the Lord began to speak and asked me if I heard the rain, then asked me if I heard the thunder, then asked me if I heard the thundering noise as the hoof’s of horses, coming for God says there is a great army coming forth, one that never has been nor ever will be since the time of man, for God says to His people get ready for the rain, listen for the thunder, hear the thundering hooves of horses coming on the horizon of time, do not fear says the Lord for this is the beginning of troubles for the world but a sign to My people that surely the Lord is in this place. Fear not you children of Zion for is this not what you have sought after and even prayed for?

Watch and see the rain coming like sleet falling and it is spring time, many say, the rain the thunder what could this mean? and many are standing amazed and saying this cannot be, it cannot be, Those that are mine are hearing the rain, the thunder and the sound of thundering horses coming as a mighty army coming for a people who have sought out the Lord God of all Heaven and earth and called upon His name and now the Lord says watch and see what I am about to do in the land, for even now My people have called upon Me, and their voices I have heard, I have seen their cry rise and their banners flying to the heavens, all over the Land the sound of the Shofar is being blown and My people who are called by My name are humbling themselves all over the world, for quickly says the Lord there will be a turnaround, a turnaround, a turnaround of all that has come against My own, the arrows have been shot, many of My children have been shot with arrows directed at the heart to destroy, I the Lord am bringing the rain and the refreshing to wash away the blood and the pain and the hurt of the wound for when I pull the arrows from the hearts of My people, you will need the rain, you will need the refreshing, and that time is coming upon the earth says the Lord, shortly you will see it and none will believe the turnaround in the world in every Nation, many will rise and proclaim My name for I have set this time to be for that, My name will be declared in every Nation and not one will be left out says the Lord, My faithful and true Bride is about to rise to her feet and stand in her beauty as this world has never seen nor could even imagine the Majesty that will fall like rain, and thunder like the horses of war coming at a pace faster than you can imagine say the Lord.

Watch for the time is now and it is sooner than you think , the Lord says, those that have ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying unto His people, arise and be still and know that I am God for beside me there is none other.

Fear not My children for I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, abundance is coming to the Ones called out, those who have answered the call, those that have spoken and even prophesied that the money will be taken from the evildoers and given over to My children watch and the giving over of finances will flow into the hands of the faithful, but to those that have not been faithful they will lose all that they have for I have only promised to those who have given that which has been given will be given back in portions beyond what you can think or imagine, be sober and vigilant and know that surely the Lord of all heaven and earth speaks a thing and in due season that which was spoken comes to pass, rejoice those who have been abused, those the enemy has stolen from and those who have been wounded in the Heart for I am the Great Physician and surely a healer of the heart, a healer of all diseases, those who have sought me for healing do not give up, look for that which has been promised says the Lord for healing is yet coming to My body, it has been coming and even now is coming in greater degrees, look up for your redemption draws nigh now. Do not look to the sky for a cloud the size of a mans fist any longer for the Lord says, the cloud is the size of the earth and comes down from heaven shortly, rejoice, rejoice, rejoice for great is your reward My faithful ones. Amen and Amen

Inspired of the Lord, Written by Gail Manizak, April 12, 2011

Many Blessings~~

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