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over a year ago by Mary C. Robinson Pray for me
Will be having dental work done on 3/3/16... Praying that the healing process will be quick and as little pain as possible.

health, family, growth in mind try

over a year ago by Angela Gayle Pray for me
i m asking for strength and that God will heal me of my blood pressure, and back problems. I pray for peace and division over my family. Also growth in the gift and ministy of God.


over a year ago by manuel Pray for me


over a year ago by manuel Pray for me


over a year ago by manuel Pray for me


over a year ago by manuel Pray for me

Prayer for Gettie Collins

over a year ago by Cynthia Collins Pray for me
Please pray for Gettie Collins that has dis-owned her two children but claims to be a Christian and plasters their business all over the internet.

Prayer Request

over a year ago by Jermaine Chatman Pray for me
Greetings and Hello Apostle Tracy Foreman I,M Writing to you For Prayer Request Well I Been Asking God To Send Me A Wife From ATLANTA GEORGIA and I Pray God Move Me To ATLANTA GEORGIA OR MIAMI FLORIDA and I Pray God Send Me Financial Blessings and I Pray God Put and End To the Violence / Homicides and Gang Trouble and Guns and Drug Dealers and Teen Pregnancy and HIV - Aids and Racial Profiling and Driving while on Cell Phones and Drinking and Driving and Texting and Driving and Road Rage and High Gas Prices and Some Young Men Hanging On the Corners and Some Young Men with their Pants Hanging Low and Some Young Men and Women Smoking Weed and Pray For The Youth in My City also to and Young People / Youth Stay in School and Put God First. My Testimony I Had a Stroke Back in May 18 2006 I,M Taking Coumadin Medicine Now I,M Blessed. GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER GOD WILL ANSWER PRAYERS GOD BLESS


over a year ago by Rachel Pray for me
please pray for me that I can keep my job and pay my bills. pray for my 2 sons Neil and Noah for their salvation and spiritual healing. my family is falling apart and I cant keep up financially. thank you for praying for us

personal life

over a year ago by Frances Jockwig Pray for me
I want prayer that I will learn to depend more on Jesus and not man. I find myself feeling lonely for a committed relationship when I know I need to focus on my walk. Also I want prayer for my household overall.
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