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Prayer Request

over a year ago by Jermaine Chatman Pray for me
Greetings and Hello Apostle Tracy Foreman I,M Writing to you for Prayer Request Well I Been Asking God To Send Me A Wife From ATLANTA GEORGIA and I Pray God Move Me To ATLANTA GEORGIA Or Miami Florida and I Pray God Send Me Financial Blessings and I Pray God Put and End To the Violence / Homicides and Gang Trouble and Guns and Drug Dealers and Teen Pregnancy and HIV - Aids and Racial Profiling and Driving while on Cell Phones and Drinking and Driving and Road Rage and High Gas Prices and Some Young Men Hanging On the Corners and Some Young Men with their Pants Hanging Low and Some Young Men and Women Smoking Weed and Pray For The Youth in My City also to and Young People / Youth Stay in School and Put God First. My Testimony I Had A Stroke Back in May 18 2006 I was Going To Have OPEN Chest OPEN Heart Surgery But it was Blood Clots in My Lungs That,s What Caused My Stroke I,M Doing Well Now I,M Taking Coumadin Medicine Now I,M Blessed. GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER GOD WILL ANSWER PRAYERS.

Deliverance and healing Prayer

over a year ago by sammy lopez Pray for me
My mom julieta lopez need deliverance and healing from demons afflicting us with diseases sent against us by witchcraft curses.She needs healing from a large hernia and deliverance from spirits of infirmity and mental torment.She also needs further healing from leg ulcers on both legs that GOD has already reduced the severity of this affliction and is healing her more each day.I need deliverance from witchcraft attacks and healing from intestinal infirmities and irritable bowel and leaking bowel and leaking anus syndrome.We also both need GODs favor to deliver us from both of our hospital and ambulance and doctor and medical treatments.Also we are in greatest need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.Lastly I need deliverance from the spirits of singleness-I have been asking GOD to grant and bring me a godly wife for many years.(i am now 44 years old.Thank u.I believe i recieve now in jesus Name.Amen. All praiaes to GOD!


over a year ago by willie &padgett washington Pray for me
im asking prayer for my marriage that god will restore my marriage and save my wife and put us back togather,

Pray For My Little Brother

over a year ago by Alysha Robinson Pray for me
I am going to start taking my little brother to church with me and I am praying that God is able to move in his life. He is 10 years old and I know that he is having a difficult time with his parents divorce, my grandfathers death, moving around, etc. So please pray for his salvation, deliverance, safe keeping, etc. Thanks in Advance

Prayer for Peace and Contentment

over a year ago by Jeanette Pray for me
I am a mature never married female who sometimes struggles with loneliness and feelings of rejection. I feel like I've wasted most of my life waiting to get married and have a family. Since that hasn't happened , I often feel like my life is worthless and has no purpose. I am often jealous and envious of others who have happy families. Please pray that I can overcome these feelings, be happy, and try to make the most of my life as if is.

My Sister's Healing

over a year ago by Mary Cherry Robinson Pray for me
My sister got a letter back from colonoscopy report... found polyps and removed them. The paper wrote precancerous. She presented it to me. Because of The Preparing For War phone conference this week, I was able to face what she presented to me in the spirit and minister to her. I reminded her of Jesus and the fig tree. I told her that, that paper was perpertrating false evidence that was trying to appear real... FEAR. I told her to do what Jesus did to that tree and curse it at the root. and don't look back at that paper. Now I want for you Apostle to agree with me in the prayer of agreement that by Jesus stripes she's healed, and as for me I'm asking God should I be a part of your ministry. I'm unemployed for 3 years. I have been battling panic attacks, insomnia, nervous twitches feeling like something's crawling on me all over. Heart palpatations related to the stress and panic attacks. I won't say I want my life back that I had. I want a better life than I've ever had.

My sister marriage

over a year ago by Rakitra Wiggins Pray for me
Can you please keep my sister Sierra and her Husband Kareem in prayer.. Her Husband is having a affair/living with another female but its my sister desires to make her marriage work. They have been married 11yrs. He is really under Demonic Spirits that have him not acting and thinking like himself.. It's not their desires to get a divorce he says he loves her but just need a little time...Please touch and agree with me on praying this other woman out of their marriage and asking GOD to bring back together. Also I am asking GOD to increase their communication because right now they are barely talking only texting.. Thank you Woman of GOD..

God`s Healing for my Beloved Mommy..

over a year ago by Maya Spencer Pray for me
Hi, I would like for you to pray that God would heal my beloved Mommy of uterine fibroids/ovarian cyst & that both the fibroids & the cyst will stay benign, also that she will be completely healed by His stripes.I believe and receive complete healing for my Mommy's body with you in Jesus Holy Name. Also, can you pray that God's perfect love would cast out any type of fear in myself/family. Thank you so much!!!God bless you with the desires of your heart. Look forward to my praise report. Love, Maya Spencer I believe & receive His Soul will be Satisfied with the Stripes He took for my Mother's Body & She is Healed according to His Word which does not return back! P.S.Could you also pray that God would heal my Mommy of a issue of blood/fluid just like the women in Luke 8:40-48, since He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We ask these things in Jesus name, so that He will do it. Luke 14:12-14 Praise the Lord He always performs his Word!


over a year ago by Nicholas Nganga Pray for me
Please pray to our heavenly Father that i will experience His blessings and a transformation for the better in my spiritual,physical,financial,social and ministry life. God bless you! Nicholas Nganga P.O Box 3305 Nakuru Kenya Email: [email protected]

For My Book Sells And My Business

over a year ago by Emmanuel Barbee Pray for me
I am calling on the people of God to pray that my book "The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America" second edition will become on the best sellers list and also that my book will be made into a movie so that I can be in a better position to hire my future team and staff to help me run the daily operations of my business "The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement"
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