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Apostle Dr. Raymond L Holloway

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     Greetings From

Apostle Raymond L Holloway

Prophetess Sherry A Holloway



The restoration of the apostolic and prophetic era is once again ushering the Body of Christ into the kingdom?s mandate. The coming forth of a prophetic priesthood that is likened to the order of Mar Melchizedek (an origin which cannot be traced to flesh and blood) has once again returned us to the womb of God and is releasing us to explore the uniqueness of Christ and our own individuality.


There is an awesome anointing being released to the people of God who will tap into His very artery. It is available to those who will move beyond that which can be discerned through the five senses, former associations or old experiences. We believe that the current apostolic and prophetic move of God will result in an unprecedented manifestation and revelation of the Person and work of Jesus Christ.


It is our charge to pray for, train and ignite a passionate people who will live a life which exemplifies that One Magnificent Passion. It is the operation of God's love within, which brings us to the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ.


The foundation for all ministry is a profound love for God. The imperative is to possess a singleness of heart and mind which reflect deep devotion to Christ and His cause. The level of your commitment will never exceed the revelation of His person in your spirit.

It is impossible to do ministry without having a supreme emphasis on maintaining an intimate relationship with the Lord.


While executing ministry, every leader must be fully persuaded and aware of their total dependence upon the Lord. When your love for Him and His people flows out a heart of humility there is a release of the anointing which removes every burden and destroys the yoke.


Having One Magnificent Passion is the seal of a true servant of God. Expressly, this means loving God in everything that you do. Love God and love his people, then He will love ministering to others through you.


Your Friends and God?s Servants!

Apostle Raymond L Holloway

Prophetess Sherry A Holloway

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