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Prophetess Rakeyia(So- Broken)Hart

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My name is Rakeyia Hart. I am 19 years old. I love participating in extracircualr activities, but most of all I love giving God what he deserves. I have a prophetic vision of God's Holy word. I stand on it. I am here doing the works of God. Our heavenly Father created me on January 3, 1993, to become apart of him. I was born to be a God fearing women that love serving his name. I attend church all my life. After relocating my church to Mt.Calvary Penetcostal, in which I worshipped there for 5 years. God soon called me to become one of his intercessors, ministers, prophet, evangalist, and anything that dwells inside of me. Within those 5 years I've been at Mt.Calvary I was quite and rarely spoke to any of the members. God then saw it fit for me to be choosen to do his works. We know that Matthews 22:14 says, "Many are Called, But few are Choosen"! I am called to discplineship, excellence, minister, mime, praise, action, and all these are ways of expressing myself to the People of God. This here is Real!

I am here to set the atmosphere for his kingdom and doing great works in the Lord our God. I am not here to entertain the people of God or put on a show. God called me to go before his people in song. I am a praise and mime dancer. I love to go before the people of God bringing believers as well as non-believers into the knowledge of Christ. I want to be touched through my ministry, so that others be touched as well. I want to praise him in spirit and truth. Your word says, "they that worship, must worship in spirit and truth. I know that when," praises go up blessings come down". I am letting God move in my life and have his way while satan sit back and be mad. I am striving to be all that I can be in the Lord our God. God birthed me with many gifts and I was born with a purpose and shall fulfill that purpose before I depart this earth to be with our heavenly father. I wish somebody soul would catch on fire, I wish that somebody that don't know him find him, I wish saints find their delieverance, their break through.

I believe were in a time where God's going to bless the saints. I believe that my purpose is to help break the back of satan, encourage believers as well as non-believers through the ministry of mime and praise, interceede for my family to remove those demonic demons and strong holds that are connected to our bloodline.

I thank God for choosing me at such an young age and working in my favor. I believe that once God get done working on my inside the lost souls and the unsaved will and shall be delievered through my prayers. I pray that someone be touch from what I said and find what they need in our savior.. Amen

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Reply ANWM Staff Office
1:29 PM on January 3, 2013 
How are you doing? What are your plans for the New Year?
Reply Prophetess Rakeyia(So- Broken)Hart
2:05 PM on July 8, 2011 
Sermon i preached at a youth conference:
Here's a lil sneak peek- topic:" How deep is your relationship w/God"?(close your altar)...... & for a subtopic: "Examine yourself".......

What he brought to my attention is that the saints of God think they are livin n dis BIG fantasy where they just think it's all about them.. So what came 2 my mind was 2 me it seems like the people of God have the tendency 2 4get about what God has done 4 them. they always complain about any & every thing..... Instead of bein grateful & appreciative... Sayin," Lord I thank you 4 being able 2 walk on my own 2 feet, Lord I thank you 4 being able 2 clap my own 2 hands, Lord I thank you 4 providing, Lord I thank you 4 waking me up this morning because that boy, that girl, that men, that women that died last night could have been me, but I thank you for protecting watching over me when you don't even have 2 do it.... but Lord I thank you!!! we always complain talking about God don't give me my new car or house like I asked him.. he sholl didn't bless me when I called on his name... SO WHAT!!!! what about the lil things God has done 4 u....... TO B CONTINUED............

P.S- This is God talking NOT me....
Reply Prophetess Rakeyia(So- Broken)Hart
10:50 AM on June 7, 2011 
My God! These are some terrible times were living in... I don't about you but I don't have time to complain, all i can do is run this race with patience & just believe that God is going to do just what he said he will do. I must make a confession & state that some of us need 2 get back on the potter's wheel because God has not finished shaping & molding you. stay on, don't fall off or give up now. we come to far by faith to turn around now. I love you all & just want this life that we live to be a pleasant sight knowing that we all have God on your sides. you must know that God will " never leave you nor forsake you". were all destined for greatness & choosen to be broken. Be blessed people of God!
Reply Prophet Tony
6:43 AM on June 4, 2011 
This is a great woman of God, watch out for her. When God turns to the young ones then it is time we expect great manifestation of His power, stories in the bible concerning David, Joseph, Gideon and many others confirms this.....
Reply Prophetess Antoinette Burney
12:54 PM on April 3, 2011 
God Bless You Continue to be used by God You have a special assignment Even to the young ladies at school continue to be an light in there life You are Chosen for such a time as this . Always remeber your life is not your own you are design to bring healing to all you meet.
Reply Prophetess Welch
2:33 PM on January 13, 2011 
Thank you for the word.
Reply Prophetess Rakeyia(So- Broken)Hart
12:29 PM on January 13, 2011 
Everyday when we wake up we all have an assignment. God will NEVER put more on us then we can bear. I can not Imagine God saying i have made you my child, i have called you into existence. I have an assignment for you but i know you want be able to get it done but give it your best shot. If God has a goal for our live it is POSSIBLE and can not be BLOCK. It is a fulfillment. Walk where God has called you..
Reply Apostle Tiyi El
8:49 AM on December 31, 2010 
Bless you woman of God, I am looking forward to that day when I hear your voice on one of my teleconferences. Thank you very much for being an active voice and encouragement on this website. I want you to know that I appreciate you, and I bless God for your life. You are a blessing!
Reply Evangelist Karen Pfeifer
12:15 AM on November 24, 2009 
push toward the high calling, which is Christ Jesus
Reply Minister Debbie
3:51 AM on September 13, 2009 
God bless you, Woman of God continue to glorify him in your youth and watch how he blesses you for not being ashamd of the gospel.
Reply Apostle Tiyi El
5:05 PM on September 12, 2009 
Yes Rakeyia, it is the work of the Lord! I thank God that you are being blessed! Love you, and thank you for stopping by my page!

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