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Quotes Thank you Apostle Tracy for accepting my friend request. I have been blessed by your ministry. I came across some teleconference called the School of the Prophets and I listened to the introduction and the second lesson. Went to order the book on line when I realized that I misplaced my debit card. I haven't done that in years. Awesome training I am so grateful right now. Keep doing what you do, God bless. Quotes
Andrea Shadd
Facebook Testimony

Quotes My Career Path Services would like to thank Tracy Foreman of A New Woman Ministries for the opportunity to share "The Importance of Education" tonight. We are excited and look forward to our successful partnership. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. ~Proverbs 4:7 Respectfully, Yvette W. Jones My Career Path Services www.mycareerpathservices.com Quotes
Yvette Jones
My Career Path Services

Quotes Blessings to you Woman of God, Unfortunately, I was late. Is the teaching available for playback? As I listened, my heart was moved to thoughtful meditation and deep intercession for the Body of Christ, the abuser and the abused. The teaching was very anointed and placed an impartation within the womb of my spirit. Thank you for your obedience and yielding to the Holy Spirit. Be greatly encouraged and shalom!!!! Quotes
Overseer Latonya Wells
My heart was moved...

Quotes I am in great appreciation to God, for the connection I have been able to obtain with this ministry. I have desired for along to to be able to connect with women that were real, saved, with loving gentle spirits, yet bold in kingdom authrority. Women not jealous or competing, but walking in they're divine gifts. I praise God for Apostle Tracy Foreman, I was able to connect with your ministry through, Divine Diamonds Ministry. Just to hear you and Prophetess Rucker to connect with one another complimenting each others gifts. This speaks volumes to me and I am sure many other women. I was able to get on the 24hr prayline in the month of November. I have felt like family ever since. As if I have known you all for years. I have many other testimonies to share. I will be back at another time to share the mighty moves of God in my life since I have been connected with this ministry. I will share my mother who had been a Jehovah witness for 20 years re-dedicated her life back to Christ. Quotes
Jacqueline Gwinn

Quotes I am thanking God because I was blessed to get in with these Women of God on Sunday for the first time and through their prayers I asked them to pray for my son because he was incarcerated and I did not know what was happening with him or where he was and all I knew was they were going to possibly release him next year and yesterday I got a call and my son came home yesterday, praise God because the prayers of the righteous really do avail much. Quotes
New Sista

Quotes I thank God for a prayer that was answered quickly! last Sunday I asked for prayer for my three grown children to return to God, within 6 hours all of my children visited the church that I attend and bought 4 friends with them. All of my children came to the altar and re-dedicated their lives to God. Also for a bonus 2 of their friends that also came rededicated their lives to God and the other 2 that included my son's girlfriend and his friend's wife accepted Jesus as their SAVIOR. Everyone that was on the 24 hour prayer line that last hour Sunday morning saw GOD ALLOW THE CALL TO GO TO OVERTIME!!!! We went at least another hour and a half past the scheduled time and the presence of God was so STRONG and we were laughing because The joy of the LORD was our STRENGTH and we kept hearing new people come on each time they attempted to close out the conference prayer line. God was not done yet and we just stayed until GOD RELEASED THE LINE ALONG WITH THE BURDENS! GLORY TO GOD! Quotes
Angela Cohen-Green
Praise Report From 24HR Prayerline on 19-20 Nov2011

Quotes I have been so blessed by the warm caring compassionate prayer warriors who can hear from the Lord in this ministry. I thank God for Divine Diamonds Ministry Leader, Prophetess Lougenia's prayers and ministry, who also found it not robbery to enlarge the terriority by also connecting and linking together with ANWM. Both ministries have been a blessing to me. I was blessed to receive prayer by Dr. Brown, Prophetess Lougenia and recieved a word of God by the visionary of this ministry, Prophetess Tracy. All these ministers hear from the Lord and speak life in the midst of your circumstance. I was blessed the day after the prayer, to go on my second interview and obtain the less than 24 hour turn-around breakthrough by receiving the job offer to work at a Christian College. I give God all the glory and the honor for His disciples who work diligently in His vineyard, and give of themselves to intercede on behalf of others. May God bless and provide an increase to all, in Jesus Name Quotes
Linda Jamila

Quotes I was able to catch 4 days of the morning Glory and I was rewarded for the attempts. I am truly blessed to have heard the words... If I did not know before I am sure that God is pleased when we pray early in the morning. I mean early too it was 3AM for me and the thing was I was never sleepy or sluggish, once pray went up my spirit would literally jump within me. I love the message about the sound of worship and the sound of warfare and to know when you should be in worship and when you should be in warfare. I also love that Elder Turner was sensitive to the spirit and flowed with the spirit of God. She would set the atmosphere for each day and it was never the same. God truly blessed us to meet him each morning and always had a word to speak. A word that brought life to all situations. OH how I love him for who he is to me. Quotes
Pastor Linda
Morning Glory

Quotes I was on the call when Elder Turner said sow into A New Woman Ministries whatever God puts on your heart. I believe she said by Friday (5/20). And that over the next 18 days you would get 18 miracles but only those that sowed a seed. Also on top of that I was in service last Sunday (5/15) with Prophet Brian Carn and he said God said praise Him like crazy (BTW Elder Turner gave me a word and said that God was just waiting for my Praise. He was not satisfied with the praise I had given Him) Okay back to Sunday. He said Praise the Lord like crazy and by Friday you will received a financial blessings. Out of the mouth of two or three let every word be established. So I went forth and danced like I have not danced in a long time. Even with my back hurting I danced and this morning (5/20) I received a unexpected blessing in my PayPal. I was able to sow a seed into the ministry and pay for my conference (VIP) and of course pay tithes to my church!!! THANK YOU Jesus!!! Quotes
Praise Report!!!

Quotes The National Day of Prayer was powerful, anointed and accomplished. The prayer warriors prayed and pulled down strongholds and people were set free and delivered. What an awesome ministry, we skilled intercessors standing and praying on the wall. Quotes
Wanda James
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