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"Birthing forth New Women all over this nation!"


Quotes This ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me, as a endeavor to follow after Christ and begin to walk in my calling. The personal touch prayer line spoke directly to my situation, at a time when i had all but given up on moving forward in my destiny. The word was relevant, timely, and powerful! I left the call encouraged to continue to stay on the battlefield and to keep on walking with the Lord. I cannot say enough about this ministry, but what I will say is God has truly anointed Apostle Tracy Foreman for such a time as this! Blessings, and love in Christ... Quotes
Lashae aka "worshipper"
Powerful Ministry!

Quotes I really don't know where to start, but I just sent a note to Evangelist Diane the other day to thank her for posting information about WSG on her page last year. When I made the connection with WSG, I was instantly connected to ANWM. I am completely grateful because of the stretching I have gone through these past 8 months since coming on the calls. Although I have been convicted by the word which went forth many times, I have never felt like I was beat down or kicked to the curb after the calls ended. It's good when you can be corrected & taught and still feel the love of God down on the inside. Thank you Apostle Tracy for your obedient spirit & for allowing the Holy Spirit to flow freely through ANWM ministry. Quotes
Being stretched for the Lord and it feels good

Quotes Praise The Lord! The Woman of God blessed me because when I logged on to the prayer line I was depressed and she spoke on releasing yourself in Prayer and God can heal you if you go to that secret place. I bless God for the anointing that is present. Quotes

Quotes I am truly thankful for coming on line last night. The word was rich and very enlightening. I saw myself in the word. My heart was aching, because I felt just like Apostle Dethra Young was speaking. People may see me as such and such, but what am I in my own home, my room. My God, I was so blessed, but I was not sure, whether this was a recorded message or live. I wanted to make a comment. Once again, thank you for inviting me. It has been a true blessing. Quotes
Minister W. James
"Fireside Chat"

Quotes Apostle Foreman, you are truly an anointed and appointed Woman of God. Each time that I sit under your teaching, I am exposed to so much revelation and knowledge. I thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit to sacrifice your time to pour into God's people. You are SUCH a BLESSING. I appreciate you and your time that you give to God's people. May the blessings of God pour upon you, your household, your husband, children and ministry mightly in this year 2011. Know that your teaching is not in vain so continue to be steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. God bless you Woman of God. Quotes
Evangelist LM Johnson
"You are such a blessing!"

Quotes So blessed by the call you did with Dr. Malissa Barbosa the other night. I did not know what to expect, I just tuned in to learn; curious about the role of a servant and she blessed me so! Thanks for providing the information that God knows we need. A Word she spoke was confirmed twice that day so I am encouraged. Quotes
Rhonda Ferebee Hammond
"Teachings by Dr. Malissa Barbosa"

Quotes I'm compelled to give my testimony since being apart of this series it has not only encouraged my life but changed my life. A personal touch it truly is. Tonight I was not able to stay through the whole call however, I thank God for being a forgiving God and a God that loves us even when we don't feel worthy. I thank God for the Woman of God for being so transparent in her very own life because you can't teach what you don't or have not lived! Remember "We mask our emotions, conceal our true feeling, but our actions speak very loud." Be who you are and remember be true to yourself then you can be true to others. God Bless to all the New Women in Ministry. Amen. Quotes
Prophetess Terri Martin
Teach me how to pray/Personal Touch Series

Quotes I was on the website seeking a word and I came across Apostle Foreman/Women of Excellence Conference. I was not prepared for what the word was going to bring but God lead me there. I listened to the song, "My name is Victory" and then Pastor Martin prepared the way for the speaker. Apostle Foremen Spoke my testimony I sat there in awe and my heart leaped with pain and I just cried because I still love these women that came against me when all I've done was mentored and encouraged their ministries. I can stand today and say it was all for my good, because God was making me LETHAL!!!!! This is why women is my ministry because God knows all the blows I have taken, and in my very own pain I can help someone get healed. God Bless you WOG for not taking it down and hearing God. Amen! Quotes
Covenant Accountability

Quotes Just want to say thank you. The call tonite on emotions has been a great help for me. Been able to say God I was angry and that i was disappointed and tired. Takes the stronghold off of me. Release freedom in my life to be and do what God has for me to do. That is to help advance the Kingdom by aiding others to be free in Him. Again I Say Thank You and God Bless You. Quotes
Linda Jenkins

Quotes When I take a look at all the things that God is doing and has done in ANWM, it humbles me. This is a great and marvellous work that He has graced me to do. The vision is beyond human comprehension, I could NOT do it in my own strength, OR by myself. Many thanks go to God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the anointing of the Apostleship that rests on my life, and for all the anointed, powerful, and beautiful women of God who serve on the Leadership board. Together we are reaching the masses-and we will continue to see the fruit of our labor, and our fruit shall remain. I am just someone who decided to walk in total obedience unto God...I am just a servant, and what a blessing it is. Quotes
Just a Servant

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