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"Birthing forth New Women all over this nation!"


Quotes I am grateful for ANWM. The ministry has blessed me in many ways. Thank God for this appointment. Quotes

Quotes ...and so it was said. "God order my steps! Use me Lord. Call on me in the wee hours. Teach me how to help others. Develop within me a strong need to serve your people." ...and so it was said. "I will teach you all things, I will heal you from every sickness. You shall be fruitful and multiply."...and so it was in Jan. of 2009 I made a covenant to myself for A New Woman Ministries and doors began to open. Lives have been transformed because God used me. The Lord has brought some truly fantastic people into my life. "Amateur Night" has been a blessing to myself and all who call in. "And so it is, that on this day, April 27, 2010 I call to the Lord." God I love you. I thank you for the ordered steps into A New Woman's Ministries, I bless your name for all the wonderful members. The greatest testimony of all times, is the love that I have for the Father. Blessed by the order, Grace Quotes
Ms. and Mrs. Faithful

Quotes I am so extremely blessed to be a part of A New Woman Ministries. To be connected with a leader who loves God with every fiber of her being, a leader who loves the women of God and is on fire for him is priceless. Being connected to this ministry has help bring healing and restoration in my life, helped me to stand and stay focused on the lord in times of utter turmoil. Being a part of this great ministry has helped me grow closer to the Lord and propel me to a higher level and deeper anointing. I'm learning and growing by leaps and bounds as God is doing great things in my life. I have learned to stand depsite opposition, storms, heart aches, heart breaks and storms that life can often bring. This ministry ministers to the whole woman, body, soul and spirit. You learn how to eat right, pray right, preach right, minister to your children, become a business owner, have a happy marriage, be a content single person, be young and on fire for the Lord and so much more. I love this ministry. Quotes
Evangelist Dianne
Daughter of the King

Quotes I am so blessed by the connections that A New Woman Ministries has helped me to make. The anointing is on this network and I am so blessed to be a part of it. God is working through and with Apostle Tracy; a truly blessed woman of God. Glory to your NAME Father for bringing the women a network to grow in life and in ministry! Quotes
Dana Neal
Blessed Ministry Worker

Quotes My God will supply all our needs according to His Riches and Glory! There was a need and God supplied ANWM... Awesome Father that we have and awesome women (and men) of God! I was introduced in the Holy Spirit to my sister in Christ at a time when it was much needed and she being so yielded to Christ and having divine instructions, changed my life! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH SIS! Keep doing what the Holy Spirit instructs and don't take or back down ever, know in the spirit that you have a large spiritual family that will fight for and with you... Keep being the 'warrior in Love' because that's the greatest weapon and keep being fertile-you have enough aunties and uncles to help take care of them ministry babies!!! LOL I have truly been spiritually enlightened, healed, blessed, encouraged, more sold out for Christ, FIRE & POWER in the HOLY GHOST, wanting to be MORE RADICAL for CHRIST...and the list goes on. Stay in the center of God Will. EstablishedInHim Prophetess Shaneen Quotes
Heart of a Worshipper

Quotes God is so awesome I thank God for blessing me to be placed in a wonderful ministry such as A New Woman. This ministry has ignited my fire for Christ who is already on fire for Christ at age 24. Apostle Tracy Foreman is an anointed Woman of God. The best mentor anyone can ask for that will help you prepare for your call into ministry. The fellowship of sisters give me inspiration to grow in my faith with the Lord Jesus Christ. A New Woman Ministries is my other family with older sisters and mother figures that show me the importance of serving the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, body and soul. It is a joy to belong to such an awesome ministry!!! Im on fire for Jesus Christ. This flame is burned to serve the Lord and keep doing in will as I grow in Christ!!!! Quotes
ANWM ignited my fire for Christ!!!!

Quotes I just wanted to testify to the weighty Glory of God I felt on the prayer call this past Wednesday. As I was busy, I called into the line late, but as soon as I entered the prayer call the heavy anointing hit me in my face as it weighed on me. There is no doubt that something had been going on prior to my prayer call entry! Quotes
Amy Hall
Heavy Presence

Quotes The number 10 is the the number of perfected divine order. I believe that the connections made in this season are of Him. I am truly blessed to have become a part of A New Woman Ministries in this season. We will win the souls of His daughters together. Quotes
Cheryl Lacey Donovan
Divine Connection

Quotes I am expecting 2010 to be an exciting year. There were challenges in 2009, but the Lord used them to make me stronger. I have been blessed by the fellowship of Apostle Tracey. God is opening doors through this ministry to prepare me to spread the gospel and encourage His people. The added blessing is the wonderful people of God that I am meeting and connecting with who love the Lord. Do not despise "small beginnings" because they will lead to greater open doors. God is using this ministry as an avenue to enlarge my territory. Quotes
Jackie Morris
Enlarging My Territory

Quotes Hallelujah! I have found a group of women who are full of the love of Christ and desire to do mighty exploits for God by using the internet to the max and glory of God. I was connected with Apostle Tracy Foreman through an invitation by Minister Cheryl Lacey Donovan for a Women Speakers Galore and from that online encounter things have blossomed into God showing a bigger picture of His will for this connection. Since that time I have met a host of other women connected with ANWM and it is truly a breath of fresh air to see God work through these young women to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. It is a joy and a privilege to have found you! Quotes
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